Pablosky gives tres lessons

Here’s is a genuine master of the instrument from Cuba, capable in all styles.  The compelling syncopated style of the guateque (eastern dance party), the sophisticated style advanced by schooled players like Pancho Amat, and Pablosky‘s own style, as he is a master who has himself taken the instrument to new levels.  Click here for info, and here for background.

These sites seem to be updated with current gig and other info:


Luis Mario Ochoa



David Virelles Myspace

Luis Gonzalez Deniz (sax)

Evaristo Machado

Jane Bunnett Myspace

Jane Bunnett

Hilario Duran

These don’t seem to be updated much… but they do show the performer and the music:

Roberto Linares Brown

Alexis Baro

Pablosky Rosales

Alberto Alberto

Son Ache

Hispanic Fiesta

Tipica Toronto

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