Dayme hot in California

One of the things that made last summer so great, was every week or two you could easily catch Jane Bunnett and her group Maqueque in Toronto and area.

Jane Bunnett is of course from Tdayme_nueva_eraoronto, and well known in jazz circles everywhere.  And among the established jazz influencers, she has proved far and away the most absorbed and respectful of the work of Cuban musicians.

She has helped numerous Cubans initiate their musical careers outside Cuba, including some  younger ones like David Virelles, Telmary Diaz, and lately the members of Maqueque.  All the young Cubanas making up the band are exceptional and cool musicians, but one you will definitely remember is the pint-size singer Daymé Arocena, with the upsized voice.

She turns up lately with 2 backup musicians doing a swing through California, read about it on

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