Papiosco CD release party – Lula Lounge, Wed Feb 5 2014 – mark it down!

As a 10-year-old conguero… Jorge Luis Torres (“Papiosco”) was first seen on Cuban television as a protege of Tata Guines.  He was introduced then as Tata’s “relief pitcher”… the performance amazed the public and musicians alike… and Papiosco’s services have been in demand from that day on with top Cuban bands and performers.

Fans world-wide who know their percussion have had their eyes out for this CD… and the release party is Wednesday, Feb 5 at Lula Lounge, Toronto.You can buy this CD by digital download from cdbaby, Amazon, and iTunes and possibly others by now.

The first review on Amazon is by Alberto Nacif, himself a professional US percussionist, tells the story:

“This is the first release as a leader for Jorge Luis Torres ‘Papiosco’, an important percussionist from Cuba, now living in Toronto. He is a veteran of many great Cuban bands, including Omara Portuondo, Cubanismo, and Pablo Milanes. This release has a fine variety of music styles and textures which showcase Papiosco’s great versatility as a percussionist, but manage to maintain his personal rhythmic style. Jane Bunnett and Hilario Duran are musicians with whom Papiosco plays regularly are both featured on this recording. I strongly recommend this!”

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3 thoughts on “Papiosco CD release party – Lula Lounge, Wed Feb 5 2014 – mark it down!”

    1. If you get a chance to go to Lula Lounge when a Cuban band is playing… you could ask them… they’d might know somone who would do this!

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