Diaspora Film Fest presents 2 good movies about Cuba – Una Noche, Amor Cronico

Summer’s over… time to see some good movies about Cuba… there’s CineCuba coming up here … and now the Diaspora Film Fest presents two interesting Cuban related films.

This will be a rare chance to see these two movies in Toronto… Bookmark now, and check back for dates and venues… they appear to not be finalized yet on the site.  The fest runs Nov 1 – Nov 5.

Unlike CineCuba these are sourced off the island, in the USA.

But among such movies… some tell truth about Cuba, and some bear no resemblance to real Cuba: through malice or ignorance, it makes no difference: trash is only trash. And once you know something about real Cuba, there tends to be no tolerance for trash…

Take a look at the trailers for these and you may well want to see both of them…

Cucu with Oguere, Paz sin Fronteras in Havana 2009

Click on the image for showing information.

Sarah Green has a long list of movie productions to her name, this one is about a “chronic love” with Cuba…

…. through the eyes of Cucu Diamantes, known to readers as lead singer of cuban fusion group based in New York “Yerba Buena”… or rather, focussing our eyes on the somehow larger than life persona of Cucu.

Una Noche, a film about stay... or go...

Click on the image for showing info.

The image of the balsero is sometimes about adventures, daredevils… or maybe a heroic drive for freedom…
But the bigger story as always, is deeper and personal … the tight web between of friends, lovers, families in this country… and the stresses and damage when someone decides to go.

Lucy Mulloy interview

Well-known independent US director Spike Lee fell in love with the movie and did a lot to get it finished and exposed.

One thought on “Diaspora Film Fest presents 2 good movies about Cuba – Una Noche, Amor Cronico”

  1. Una Noche is opening the Diaspora FF on Friday November 1 at 9pm at Innis Town hall. It is so good will repeat on Monday November 4 at 9pm at Innis. Amor Cronico Sat November 2 at 7pm at Carlton Cinema and Mon November 4 at 9pm at Carlton. One film about leaving Cuba, the other a nostalgic return- the essence of diaspora.

    Focus this year on Latin-American diaspora and other great films from around the world!! http://www.diasporafilmfest.com info@diasporafilmfest.com

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