Roberto Linares Brown – superstar of Cuban salsa – Fri at Lula Lounge

Toronto is just getting over the glow of last weeks three-night stand by Havana d’Primera, with superstar trumpeter Alexander Abreu at the helm.

While in Toronto, I am sure he was amazed at the ex-pat Cubans on the Toronto music scene that are BIG among musicians of Cuba.  People like drummer Papiosco, bassist Riveron, and others… but none more than this man:

“Roberto Linares Brown

One of Cuba’s most talented arrangers and composers, Linares Brown began his career with Cuban groups Valentin y Los Del Caribe, Azucar Negra and Adalberto Alvarez.”

Toronto gets some good bands from Cuba, but it is also home to some of the best anywhere.  Come and count your blessings, 10:30pm at Lula Lounge on Friday night.

Come early and enjoy a member of one of Canada’s royal families of jazz, the Occhipintis.  At 8 PM, Michael Occhipinti is on with his trio… and it will cost you zilch – nada extra … if you are staying for the main event.

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