Daisy Villalejo back in Montreal in Sept-Oct – semaines afro-cubaines Ilu Ladé

Daisy Villalejo est reconnue dans le monde des Arts afro-cubains comme danseuse soliste, professeur et chorégraphe. Elle débute en 1974 comme ballerine du Ballet Patakin au sein duquel elle fera de nombreuses tournées à travers le monde. En 1980, elle intègre le célèbre CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO NACIONAL DE CUBA.

Daisy Villalejo is well known in the world of the Afro-Cuban arts, as a solo dancer, and professor of choreography.  She set out in 1974 as a dancer of Ballet Patakin, in the course of which she traveled to numerous places all over the world.  Then in 1980, she joined the famous CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO NACIONAL DE CUBA.

September 21 to the October 11 2013

Semaines afro-cubaines Ilu click here:  Ilu Ladé-affiche semaines2013

UPDATE: an error has been corrected on the workshp pricing: complete session 100$ (not 130$!!)  and individual classes: 30$..

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