HAVANA d’PRIMERA a top 10 event in 2013…  in size… quality… musical genre… they exceed and excel.. Havana’s top band right now.  SIZE: the same band that blows away the dancers in Havana: all 13 musicians.  QUALITY: In Cuba, top band musicians learn with the best teachers… most graduate from world-renowned Escuela Nacional de Artes (ENA).  GENRE: The music they compose and perform (TIMBA) is considered a variation of salsa.  But in orchestration and complexity, it compares to any serious music: science applied to making you move.   TWO NIGHTS at Lula Lounge in Toronto… sponsored by Lula Music and Arts Centre, Okokan Productions & cubaintoronto.com.  Thurs Sep 19 2013/ Fri Sep 20, 2013.  Click for tickets!  (Facebook page link)