Dance to music of Cuba, Beaches Jazz Fest Saturday and Sunday


That’s “Roberto Linares Brown” and his orchestra.  Each year for many years now, the band has been presented at the Beaches to great cheers.  And in recent years they’ve been selected to wind up the day’s music with a bang.  You can pretty much “bank” on hearing this song again … it’s been a hit over many years now…  so give them a cheer when you hear it!

“La CRISIS”… unfortunately: it’s just as topical as when it came out… but fortunately: it’s more danceable than ever.

Saturday July 27  5 pm to 6 pm at the main Stage in Kew Beach park, Beaches Jazz Festival on Queen St West, west of Coxwell Ave.


Playing a similar role on Sunday is “Son Cubano Orquesta”… also keeping their popular place over the years.  The name may vary slightly but it’s the tried and true bluebloods of the Cuban dance music scene, with an emphasis on the traditional son beat.  They wind up the show at the Latin Square stage on the boardwalk… Sunday 4pm to 5pm.