C.U. Dance Productions and Ilede present workshop – Maestro Tangin Fong from Cuba!

Sunday JULY 7 2013 from 11:00am until 1:00pm

C.U. Dance Productions and Ilede present Latin Free-style Dance Workshop with Maestro Tangin Fong from Cuba!

Bend the rules and move your body naturally, irrespective of dance style! This 2-hr workshop focuses on how to improvise and apply body movement in Latin dance (including Salsa (Cuban or linear styles), Cha cha cha, Bachata, etc.). You will learn how to:
  • Move and place your feet in a natural way
  • Use your body sensually, powerfully, and freely
  • Add more creativity to your dancing
  • Apply body movement techniques effectively in partner dancing

This fun yet relaxed session is intended for dancers of all levels. It will be led by Master Instructor and Choreographer Tangin Fong, from Santiago, Cuba. Tangin will be applying both folkloric and contemporary body movements, in his unique style, during this workshop. We are very excited to have him here!

Cost is $25 in advance (via secure Paypal link below), $30 at the door.

Please see below for Tangin’s bio:

“C.U. Dance Productions and Ilede are pleased to present Maestro Tangin Fong, a highly acclaimed instructor, choreographer and musician from Cuba. Tangin is known for his unique dance style, where he effectively and seamlessly fuses many art forms, including modern, contemporary, folkloric and martial arts. His teaching style is fun yet structured and relaxed; he is known for his keen sense of awareness of his dancers’/students’ abilities, limitations and potential, and is second to none in his ability to bring out the best in people.

Tangin was born in Santiago de Cuba where he studied dance at the “Escuela Vocacional de Danza” in Santiago de Cuba; he moved to Havana where he graduated in 1992 as a professional dancer and instructor, specializing in modern and folkloric dances, from the National School of Contemporary and Folkloric Dance (“Escuela Nacional de Danza”). During his studies, Tangin participated in many provincial and national competitions as a choreographer where he received critical acclaim and recognition as a prominent talent in Cuba (at the “Concurso UNEAC”). Upon graduating, he joined the National Contemporary Dance Company (“Danza Contemporanea de Cuba”) as a main dancer and choreographer. From there, he founded his own dance company, Corpus Spiritu Alma, where he has taught a myriad of young talented dancers graduated from the National School of Dance and choreographed over a hundred dance pieces.

Tangin has travelled the world to perform and teach in countries such as Japan, Canada, France, USA, Venezuela, Jamaica and many others. He has trained hundreds of dancers both abroad and those who have come to Cuba attracted by his style and his way of relating contemporary and folkloric dances with martial arts. Tangin has also participated as a judge in many local and international dance festivals in Cuba and abroad. He is considered the founder of Video Dance in Cuba. He is presently residing in Toronto and exploring opportunities in the Canadian dance world.”

See you there!

Ilede Arts

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