Lulaworld: A History Of Cuban Dance Music (Part 2 Post-1959), Sat May 18 1pm

Cuban music went haywire after Fidel Castro’s revolution. The lecture will explore what really happened, how “salsa” came to be, what that clave thingy is, and why Cuban salsa sounds so different than “other” types of salsa!

Lulaworld widens the scope…  they prove the Cuban musical story is amazing every week with musical examples.

Now Lulaworld presents the 2nd free afternoon lecture. Through music and video examples, you’ll see and hear the rich and rica history of son, danzon, cha-cha-cha, mambo, and learn about how they helped form modern-day salsa.

Lani Milstein…  an academic, a rumbera, a manager, a PR professional… rolled into one… has extensive history around Cuban music in various other cities before arriving in Toronto a few years back.  Lani is going to share some of her knowledge… and secrets… on the topic.

Even if you think you know a lot about what happened in Cuba to lead to what’s happening now in Cuba… Lani’s is going tell you things you didn’t know.

She holds a BFA in theatre/classical voice and an MA in ethnomusicology, and has worked extensively as an arts administrator, researcher, performer and producer throughout Cuba, Canada, and the United States. Currently she’s managing our fabulous local Cuban rumba troupe Iya Ire, among other jobs.


As happened last week… the lecture will be followed by a neighbourhood “street dance”, in the club.  The Toronto Casino and Timba group runs “Rueda de la Calle” … free Cuban dancing on the street.

Stick around after Lani’s expose… enjoy some actual Cuban music and dance… playing some of the latest timba music, dancing “casino” and “rueda de casino”… i.e., Cuban-style salsa music and dancing.

If you know your “Dile que no” from your “Enchufla” you can join the rueda for a while!  Or just listen, or dance however you feel, to the same salsa music that is popular right now in Havana.   From about 2:30PM til about 5pm.