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We list those elsewhere on the site, please click HERE


Some of the excellent working musicians who teach as far as we know:

Jorge Luis Torres “Papiosco” – percussion
Joaquin Hidalgo – percussion
Mayito del Monte Jr – percussion
Pablo Rosales – tres guitar

As far as contacting these fine musicians, we recommend finding out where they have gigs and talking to them face to face.  I’d ask the people at Lula Lounge for one.  And if you have some direct contact information, or status updates, please let us know!


Chris Butcher show Dig! (Thursday 6-8 pm CIUT) includes some music from Cuba, he’s involved as trombone in several of the bands that play regularly at Lula Lounge.  His radio show includes the modern dance music “timba” and other cool music from Cuba.

On CJRT Saturday 1-4 the show Cafe Latino hosted by Laura Fernandez includes son, jazz and fusion music from Cuba.


There’s Julie’s at 202 Dovercourt Road, Toronto.

Havana style Cafe and Gallery on Brown’s line, west Toronto.


Lula Lounge is the #1 supporter of Cuban and Latin music in this town, no doubts.  Best live music here weekly…

See their site for the hot bands tha appear their on a weekly basis.  And on Sundays, the Cuban son brunch, tasty and sabroso.

Tuesdays: 6 degrees, often a live band of mostly local Cuban musicians.  No timba in between sets though, just so you know.

The public Facebook group called “Toronto Casino and Timba” is becoming a place where many events are announced.  You have to belong to Facebook to see this.

We have a kind of mirror of “Cuba in Toronto” on Facebook.  But sometimes, people post good news there directly, without posting it on the website as well… so you can check that too.


Ask for DJ Bernal, or DJ Yumaniche for your Timba DJ work.  (Updates needed, if you know how to contact these people!)


The school AfroLatino ( see dance list above) does annual trip to Cuba, focussing on salsa and a bit of fokloric dancing, using excellent local teachers: this year, the All-Stars rueda troupe in Santiago de Cuba.

Joyce Humbert of RitmaCuba ties in with the excellent Ritma Cuba vacations, which feature all kinds of Cuban music and dance

If you have more regular weekly or monthly Cuban culture-related events please contact us!

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