non-c: Apr 24 at Lula Wed – Cafe con Pan book launch, concert

Wed Apr 24 2013, something non-Cuban… but quality per our taste!

The Porcupine’s Quill and Marc Glassman’s TINARS (This is not a reading series) present the launch of Alec Dempster’s book Lotería Jarocha and a performance by Café Con Pan. Lotería Jarocha assembles a series of linoleum-block prints created by Mexican-Canadian artist Alec Dempster after his return to his native Mexico in the mid-1990s. Discovering a lively genre of folk music from the Veracruz region, Dempster subsequently devoted himself to documenting his heritage with printmaking. The result is Lotería Jarocha, a collection of expressive images which catalogue Dempster’s encounter with the vibrant son jarocho culture of his birthplace.

SIDE NOTE: We got to hear Cafe con Pan courtesy of Miko Sobreira, who has sometimes taught the lesson before a dance band at Lula Lounge.

It was a concert spin-off of his SHINE cabaret series… watch for them, this is great face-to-face, person-to-person, grass-roots entertainment with real people.  How to make new connections with strangers in the big city… real people, no lounge-lizard personalities ;-).

And the night we saw Cafe con Pan, they hadn’t practiced music that day – only Mexican cooking, they served the meal!  Fabulous…

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