non-Cuban: Tego Calderon at Sound Academy, Fri Apr 12

A non-Cuban but prominent latino event coming up: Tego Calderon at Sound Academy on Friday April 12, 2012.

According to Wikipedia: Although Calderón is a reggaeton artist, he claims to like “all types of music”. Evidence of this is seen both in his biography (he began his career in music in a metalband and attended a school for music as a drummer) as well as in his music, which incorporates “‘several musical tendencies'”, including sounds and rhythms from places like Africa, Colombia, and the Caribbean. He obtains the sound for his popular reggaeton music through “fusing an experimental reggaeton style strongly rooted in the working-class Caribbean aesthetics of classic salsa with a strong dose of hip-hop”. On The Underdog/El Subestimado, he collaborated with rap duo Anónimo Consejo to create a song entitled “Son Dos Alas” which eventually was shortened to an interdule without Calderón.

Calderón has also been praised for his lyrics, which are much more substantive and uplifting than the misogynist materialistic words that have come to define reggaeton as well as the majority of hip-hop music. Calderón has been described as “the reggaeton champion of an Afro-Caribbean working-class aesthetic” and is known for lyrics that are equal parts poetry and politics. A consistent link between all of his albums “are the social themes and the untouchable bravado that he usually transmits through his artistic outlook.”According to Tony Touch, “Tego is someone who represents struggle, an underdog… He’s more of an MC, a product of late-’80s hip-hop.”

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