Fri at Lula: Son Ache gets the Cuban thing working for the 15th year…

Composing, interpreting and performing classic son montuno, Son Ache has a contemporary urban sabor (flavour) which derives from their infectious energy and aggressive tumbao.

This band has been “el morro” here in Toronto… like the lighthouse overlooking Havana harbour, it has been the beacon that illuminates for us the real cuban tumbao … since 1998.

at 8 PM:  Roland Hunter band, featuring several top Cuban musicians in town.

Inspired by Latin-jazz masters such as Cal Tjader and Jerry Gonzalez,  guitarist Roland Hunter presents his sextet performing mostly original compositions from his soon to be released second cd. The sextet is comprised of: Luis Deniz, alto sax; Roland Hunter, guitar; Amhed Mitchel, drums; David Restivo, piano; Roberto Riveron, bass and Jalidan Ruiz, congas.

Vlad Aranda teaches a dance lesson, and DJ Suave plays between sets.

2 thoughts on “Fri at Lula: Son Ache gets the Cuban thing working for the 15th year…”

  1. Son Ache wasn’t created until 2000, when it came from the ashes of Klave Y Kongo and inherited a gig that KYK originated. No Klave Y Kongo, no Son Ache.

  2. Finally a comment! Wow… 😉

    There are lots of refs that say Son Ache started in 1998 on the web, Jay Danley says 1999, Klave Y Kongo apparently started 1996.

    The personnel that continued to Son Ache from Klave y Kongo were called the “engine” of the band by Matt Galloway in one article… and the “engine” kept the same Cuban son montuno style as the heart and soul of the band, that’s clear.

    So maybe the number doesn’t matter so much… I suppose. All due credit to the people in K and K who did not continue… but essentially this band has survived through name changes, personnel changes, and kept true to the music for a long time.

    Since it has survived so long, out of the love of the music, somebody should set an “official” date… so there can be an “official party” soon !

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