Interactivo, afro-cuban + jazz, soul, rap and funk: Royal Theatre Dec 15

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festivalXpress welcomes jazz impresario Roberto Carcasses and Interactivo to the Royal Theatre, 608 College Street, Toronto – December 15, 2012 at 8:00pm.

Interactivo is a band with loads of personality as well as loads of personalities. It’s easy to lose count of all the outstanding Cuban musicians who have played with, toured with or recorded with Interactivo. Some of them are stars in their own right, some are just beginning to make their name. When you put all of them together Interactivo looks like a team of all-star athletes or an army of comic book superheroes who have put aside their own natural competitiveness to fight for a common cause. Except, in Interactivo’s case, the musical superheroes are having too much fun to think about fighting.

Interactivo gestated in 2001 around a core group of five musicians: Roberto Carcassés, Yusa, Francis del Rio, William Vivanco and Telmary Díaz. Carcassés is credited as director of this free-form collective, which he usually describes as “experimental”, or “a project of musical cooperation”. The band has expanded over the years to include Olivier Valdés, Rodney Barreto, Yaroldi Abreu, Carlos Ríos, Raúl Verdecia, Julio Padrón, Carlos Miyares, David Suárez, Alexey Barroso, Juan Carlos Marín, Brenda Navarrete, Marjorie Rivera and Lisset Ochoa.

And that’s only the beginning. Among the other musicians who have played or recorded with Interactivo are Oscar Valdés, Bobby Carcassés, Carlos Ríos, Domingo Calendario Acosta, Carlos Sarduy, Adel Gonzalez, Yandy Martinez, Elmer Ferrer, Kumar, José Luis Martínez, Feliciano Arango, Néstor del Prado, Santiago Feliú, Descemer Bueno, Melvis Santa, David Torrens and Kelvis Ochoa.

Proceeds from this performance will, in part, assist UNICEF acclaimed Cuban children’s theatre group La Colmenita with the purchase of new camera equipment to help chronicle their global quest for peace, harmony and the sanctity of youth.

To purchase tickets call festivalXpress at (416) 785-6127 or (416) 785-0291 or email and mention “Interactivo“.

Alternatively tickets may be purchased in person atSoundScapes, 572 College Street, Toronto  (416) 537-1620.

Tickets may also be purchased online at

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