Changüí Habana at Lula Lounge – Fri Nov 2

JP Saxe Trio – 8 pm

One of our city’s most promising young vocalists, composers and instrumentalists. Saxe studied with jazz artists Micah Barnes and Robert Scott. Alex St. Kitts and Robin Claxton round out his trio.


Changui HAVANA – 10:30 PM

12 great Cuban musicians in an orchestra brewing a distinctivly new latin sound flavoured with the the most popular Latin dance rhythms like salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata and son.

Door / dinner: from 7PM

Dance Lesson: 9:30
Live Band: Changui Havana 10:30 PM

Admission: $15 includes dance lesson

Dinner, dance lesson, and show special starting at $49
Reserve: 416-588-0307 or reserve@lula.c

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