Passing of Dalio Arce Vital, baritone with Grupo Vocal Desandann

We have sad news today… via Larry Kramer and Jane Bunnett… of the loss of Dalio Arce Vital, founding member of Grupo Vocal Desandann and Coro de Camagüey.  Baritone singer, also a trombonist, music school graduate, also did some work in Cuban popular music.  Desandann is also known as the “Creole Choir of Cuba” for touring internationally.

The exposure of Desandann on the international stage … including several successful CDs… has been primarily through the enthusiastic promotion of Jane and Larry.

According to best information, Dalio is the smaller guy in the 2nd row of the video above in the segment beginning about 1:49… rest in peace, Dalio.

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