The Cuban 5, an injustice worth keeping in sight

International spying… good for the movies… but a bit boring in the media by now.  Every country does it… some are caught, punished… etc etc.

But this story — the Cuban Five story — looks different, as soon as you start looking at the details.

There’s a Canadian based tribunal Sep 21-23 2012 that will help keep this in the public eye.

The rule of law does not seem to apply… meaning, the laws of the USA itself.

They were charged with murder, being “unregistered agents of a foreign government”, and espionage.

Here’s what they “the Five” did: They infiltrated the group of Miami exiles involved in assassination and terrorism, including Orlando Bosch and Luis Posado Carriles.

These Miami individuals were involved in most of the laughable 638 ways that Fidel Castro was (NOT) assassinated.

Not so funny, however… was Cubana flight 455… where all 78 ordinary, uninvolved people were killed by a bomb planned in Miami.

The CIA would never admit being involved in financing and goals of these groups.  Although, their own documents have since revealed they did.

Against “the Five”, the most ridiculous charge, murder, has since been thrown out.  “Agents of a foreign government” is meant to apply to lobbyists to the US government.  Espionage in US law means “obtaining or delivering information relating to “national defense” to a person who was not “entitled to have it”.”

The US Supremes have denied further appeal… in spite of the fact that it is not clear how the remaining charges can possibly apply to the evidence.  Unless it is admitted that the US has actively financed and directed terrorism against civilians in Latin America.  Otherwise, by spying on the exiles, how could the Five be spying on the US government?

For now,  one of the Five is left with a life sentence; others still must server 30 years, 22, and 18 years.  One has been released to probation.

In some other countries…  where everyone knows there is no rule of law… it wouldn’t be surprising in the least.

In those places, a group of influential politicians have a grudge against someone, can do what they like to a very large extent.  But in the US?

We can do what we can to call the US to account – is it really a superior country bound by it’s law, or is it simply as bad as any third-world state… where powerful groups have spheres where they do what they like with immunity?

Terrorism, of the very worst kind — intentionally killing uninvolved civilians — is being directed and financed by the US… here in our own hemisphere?

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