Son de Canela, new band in Toronto – Lula, Sep 8

Astonishing trumpet prodigy Janette Lennys  leads this group through a rich repertoire of Latin and traditional Cuban music, weaving together the threads of African, French, and Spanish culture which unify the Cuban people.

DJ  Jorge Elmiro – ALL NIGHT

About Son de Canela:

Band members are:

Janette Lennys Rafols: Bandleader, trumpet player and arranger. Lennys has consistently demonstrated a dedication to success, and her efforts have produced high quality results.

Oriana Barbato is a Bass player and arranger. Oriana’s versatility, professionalism and work ethic, have brought her to stages across North America, Europe and around the world.

Mailyn Ortega and Adis Rodriguez are vocalists with warm voices and a sunny and relaxed stage presence to master the vocal aspects of both Latin- and jazz music”.

Marta Elena Perez knows how to create the unique atmosphere that belongs to Cuban music displaying her virtuosity as a singer and percussionist.

Indira Perez, this young pianist delivers as well an amazing performance inserting her knowledge into the traditional Cuban music.

Danays Ramirez is a singer and percussionist who shines in every show with her energetic presence, and passion for her Cuban heritage.

Anita Graciano brings to the stage her solid and rhythmic touch.

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