Changui Habana at Lula Lounge, gritty street timba sound of Havana

Note: the opening show at 8 PM features Alexander Brown Trio:

A jazz trumpeter out of Havana who has recorded with jazz luminaries such as David Murray, and performed at the world’s most prestigious jazz festivals. Based in Toronto since 2005 but you can still hear his Cuban roots in every note he plays.

Changui HAVANA – 10:30 PM

“12 great Cuban musicians in an orchestra brewing a distinctively new latin sound flavoured with the the most popular Latin dance rhythms like salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata and son.”

In spite of the rubric, the band plays just about everything timba style, the modern Cuban dance music.

Or to explain more:

Hearing songs transformed to the cuban version of a song is like hearing the transformations Haydn and Mozart did to the music of their day.
The dominant story of average Cuban musicians starts with an intense musical education at the National School of Arts in Havana, based on classical music of the ages… especially the Russian masters.  If the crowd asked for Rachmaninoff for an encore, the Cubans could do it.
Where the classical composers distilled their musical themes into intricate allegro, adagio, scherzo, rondo forms… the Cuban popular musicians have developed their own traditional sections like guia, cuerpo, mambo, champola, coro, etc.  And lately rap, regueton.
As dance was the theme of most music of Mozart, Haydn, and Bach, so it is with Cuban music today.  But as the dance became much freer, this is the way the music has to be to keep up with it.  It’s true genius, and it’s happening now, beyond the ken of the masses.

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