Lula host to Sonido Cubano – Fri Aug 24

Sonido Cubano was formed in 1998 under the direction of Fernando Mon Padron a.k.a “Picolino”. Since the 60s, 70s and 80s in Cuba, Picolino has been a prominent figure in the salsa and timba stages of Cuban music.

He has performed with such greats as the original Roberto Fa, Reyes 73, La Tropicana as well as Los Van Van and many, many others. Having been travelling and performing for over 34 years internationally, Picolino found Toronto to be his home since 1995. Sonido Cubano has been a staple in the Canadian Latino movement of Cuban music. Bringing Salsa Cubana like no other band in the city, Sonido Cubano promises to keep the dancers moving.

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