Update – OssingtonVibes on Ossington (and Dovercourt) this weekend!

We’ve had an update… and good conversation … with the promoters of OssingtonVibes, which is the surviving bit of “Havana Cultura” festival of previous years… thanks for contacting us folks, good talk!

Some good news – the promoters are going to try to get one of the top well-known guitar/tres players from Cuba that we are so lucky to have living in Toronto… a name you will know and have seen on-stage.  This is for the Sunday night at Julie’s Cuban Restaurant:

  • Sunday Aug 19 Julies Cuban: 202 Dovercourt Rd:
    • Mojito & Cuba Libre Sampling, Drinks Specials 5.30-8.30PM
    • Enjoy Havana Club cocktails and Toronto’s best authentic Cuban food with live Cuban guitar playing.

This should be fabulous.. and if you haven’t tried Julie’s, ask the Cubans in town.  It really is is Cuban- authentic Cuban style, go try it out!

[  Too bad the best events of OssingtonVibes are happening at the same time… you could have a meal at Julie’s and head over to the Painted Lady (see yesterday’s post!) …  ]

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