Beaches Jazz Fest YES – BUT it’s World Beat Stage for top Cuban style…

In years past at the Beaches Jazz festival, Cuban music has been represented… in both it’s dynamic current forms and the ossified shapshots of old style Cuban music… the latter preferred by most Latins… who became detached from the Cuban scene somewhere around the revolution.

All this stuff WAS mixed together at the stage called “Latin Square” in previous years…

BUT… a new stage has been added in 2012, “World Beat Stage”.  This stage is within a stone’s throw from the Boardwalk Cafe restaurant, just north of the volleyball area at the beach.

THAT’S where you go to hear modern Cuban dance music …  the WORLD BEAT STAGE…   you won’t find them at the Latin Square stage 😉

Notable at World Beat Stage:

Fri Jul 27

  • 12 NOON: Joaquin Hidalgo – Rumba workshop
  • 8 pm: Changuy Habana – plays some of the Classics of Cuban dance music in a modern Cuban percussive style

Sat Jul 28

  • 12 NOON: Joaquin Hidalgo – Rumba workshop

    Joaquin Hidalgo

Sun Jul 29

  • 12 NOON: Joaquin Hidalgo – and RUMBA SQUAD
  • 7:30 pm: Marta Elena, ex of Anacaona (top Cuban band)… brings a top-notch band playing modern Cuban dance music, the energetic polyrhythmic “timba” style included
Marta Elena, ex of Anacaona, leads "La Maquina de la Salsa"

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