Ni bombones, ni caramelos – Pupy Sat May 19 at the Phoenix

Unlike other varieties of salsa…

… the culture of red-hot competition between bands in Havana, means that the dance music is constantly evolving into NEW more DANCER-EXCITING styles…

Although some songs on Pupy’s new CD are repeats, they sound totally new this time.  Here’s a case in point, ni bombones, ni caramelos:

This hot and evolving culture pays back for you the fan another way: the musicians are always at the edge, always challenged to come up with something new.  And no place shows it better than a live show, where the dialog between dancers and the band, and between the sections of the band, comes together like an improvised symphony of sound and motion.

You have the chance to see one of the top few bands proving all this once again… right here in Toronto… who  would say no to that chance??

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