Rumbón para Billy – Thu Apr 19 2012, Lula Lounge, a big deal


What could bring acclaimed Cuban music artist Alex Cuba here to Toronto from Vancouver… to perform for free… on very short notice?

The answer is, a benefit for one of the most loved entertainment personalities in Canada.  Billy Bryans has the support of the top entertainment people in Toronto and across Canada, and he needs your support too.

Even if you wouldn’t know Billy to see him, if you have at any Cuban music based event… a little bit of the credit for all of it belongs to him.  No-one has done more to make the scene what it is today.

From his stint as drummer with Parachute Club, to Brazilian music support, to Cuban music support, and much more… Billy has done it all in this town.

All proceeds will go to help with the costs of palliative care for Bryans as he deals with cancer for the second time.

Toronto Sun:

“We’re really touched and amazed by how many musicians, dancers and producers are stepping forward to contribute — some who know Billy from 40 years ago and some from groups that Billy only started working with since his first round of cancer five years ago,” Lula Lounge’s Tracy Jenkins tells me. “The benefit is also a way for us to connect with all the other people in his world and to show him our love and appreciation.

The show is posted here, set for Lula Lounge Thursday evening April 19, 2012.

Confirmed performers include Alex Cuba, Laura Fernandez, Aline Morales, Samba Squad, Son Ache and dance troupes Bailaboogaloo and Casineros Unidos.

And if you can’t go, you can pay a little bit back to Billy for what he has done, by buying a ticket (click on the date), and sending an email to… to say that you won’t be able to come to the show, but please make sure the proceeds of your tickets go to help Billy.  They’ll be able to sell the seat again to someone else who wants to help…

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