Majestic Tropical Carnival – Apr 21

On behalf of Daniel Morano de La Guia Hispana… here’s information about the Majestic Tropical Carnival on April 21, 2012 at 8 pm… at the Ukrainian Hall in Toronto.

Majestic Tropical Carnival
Presentación especial de Yeyo Vargas, del programa de Alexis Valdés

Sábado 21 de abril, 2012

Ukrainian Hall
85 Christie Street (al norte de Bloor)

Invitados especiales:

  • Avana
  • Eri White
  • Hector Hernández
  • Presentación estelar deYeyo Vargas, el humorista número 1 del programa de Alexis Valdés

Tickets: $25 adelantado, $30 en la puerta.

Más información: (416)418-4725

Venta de Entradas:


La Cubanita Restaurante
9 Milvan Dr. Tel. 416-849-9766

Cellular Pro
1740 Jane St. Tel 416-249-7200

Toronto Latino
1786 Eglinton Ave. W. Tel 416-781-0919


Cafe Latino
3038 Hurontario St. Tel. 905-949-8447

Fanery’s Convenience
3085 Hurontario St. Unit 9 Tel. 905-272-9257


La Favorita
18 Queen St. W. Tel. 905-845-9262

Editorial comment: we have received criticism of the poster for this event… and have to agree: the use of black-face can’t be accepted as simple cultural difference.   It is actually offensive by normal North American standards.   We are relaying the news as it is… but with our comments.

Blackface is never OKAY.

One thought on “Majestic Tropical Carnival – Apr 21”

  1. Bravo to my co admins for above editorial comments….. No offense to our Cuban friends who actually think that this is funny … Blackface is not OK in never was OK and it never will be OK. We live in Canada ..most of us came here to escape racism and oppression not to condone it. We have to pass “cuban event” news on to the community but I do so with a heavy heart to have this photo of Yeyo Vargas here on our precious site …

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