A light history of Cuba, & Domino effect: book launch, movie Thu Mar 15

Book launch: “LEVE HISTORIA DE CUBA” and Screening: “EFECTO DOMINÓ”.

Accents Bookstore, phone: 647-352-8558, 1790 Eglinton Avenue West (Eglinton Ave W-DufferinSt.)

Entrance fee $ 5.

BOOK LAUNCH: “Leve Historia de Cuba” by Enrisco del Risco y Francisco Garcia

Enrique Del Risco is a Cuban writer. His books, stories and articles have been published in a dozen countries. He now lives in West New York, New Jersey.

Francisco Garcia is the author of fiction and screenplays and the winner of important awards including Cuba’s Hemingway Prize. Also a book and magazine editor, he now lives in Kingston, Ontario.

THE BOOK: When the authors had the idea for this book, one was in a jail and the other in a cemetery. As Cuba is a country obsessed with its own history, both of these places were museums and they were acting as historians. Their shared interest in history and literature led them to the idea of describing Cuba’s history in a series of short stories. After a time, one went to live in an external community that is known, rather nostalgically, as exile but their literary conspiracy remained intact. The publication of Leve historia de Cuba (or Cuba Lite) is the continuation of their conspiracy by other means.


Nighttime in a quarter of Havana. A couple of men are playing a game of dominos while the women pass the time gossiping. Out of the blue, a man finds the granddaughter of Mercedes and Ramón at a park close by. It looks like she’s been raped. The situation escalates, as chauvinist tendencies are incited to the point that a culprit must be found at any cost.

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