Toronto based trips to Cuba 2012 – so far

If you get into salsa dance and music… and you gradually notice that the REAL stuff seems to all come from Cuba…

… then sooner or later you will want to see for yourself… what is this place about…

Several groups in Toronto organize vacations with music and dance in Cuba… you can go with the experience and company of well-informed … well-connected Torontonians!

The trips differ not only by date, but where they go in the country and what they focus on.

Havana is the focus of the modern dance music called timba, Santiago de Cuba is the place where Cuban music all starts.  Or if you feel like the dance teachers coming to you at a top resort in the more remote areas of Cuba, you can choose that too.

For the coming year, here’s what seems to be promoted so far by date:

February 4 – 11 `1 week
AfroLatino Dance Company in Havana
Driving local force: Albena de Assis

March 27, 2012 1 week
Damidance company at Cayo Coco resort
Driving local force: Damarys Aguirre

July 15-29 2 weeks
RitmaCuba in Santiago de Cuba
Driving local force: Joyce Corbett

Soul drums arranges musical trips to Cuba some years.  These are focused on percussion obviously!   None are promoted yet for 2012, but if you are interested you could keep an eye on the site:

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