Non-C: Spanish Harlem Orch, Dec 9 at Koerner Hall

Non-cuban but hot music news:

Spanish Harlem Orchesta is in town!

The classic sounds of New York City salsa have been reintroduced to music lovers worldwide thanks to this 13-member all-star ensemble, directed by world-renowned pianist, arranger, and producer Oscar Hernández. Spanish Harlem Orchestra won the 2011 Grammy Award (their second) for Best Tropical Latin Album, Viva La Tradición.

“Watching these crack musicians rev up their complex, precision polyrhythms and fire up five-part horn harmonies is as thrilling as riding a horse that suddenly breaks into a gallop.” (Los Angeles Times)

What  better way to start the night… then turn up the temperature to CUBA a few blocks south down at El Rancho… where DJ Bernal hosts Cuban Salsa night.

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