Chen Lizra’s new book: My Seductive Cuba

We got news of our friend Chen Lizra’s new book, My Seductive Cuba.  Chen lives in Vancouver.


The book became a bestseller the first week it came out!

Here is the site where people can read excerpts:

We are launching a site in two weeks which will blow your mind away.

You can buy the book on:

Amazon US – check out the amazing reviews!

Amazon CA

Amazon UK

Also… in selected stores in Vancouver.

The book will be coming out in Kindle and iTunes versions very soon. We will update on our site.

Book synopsis:

Enough books have been written about Cuba to fill an entire library, but few take the approach Chen Lizra does with “My Seductive Cuba.” Deeply personal and always engaging, Lizra – an Israeli-born dance instructor and entrepreneur now living in Canada – fuses history and politics with her real-life experiences among the people of this often-visited but little-understood island.

The result is a moving portrayal of Cuba on the verge of historic change. Packed with practical information on where to go in Cuba, what to pack and the best ways to get there, “My Seductive Cuba” also helps readers ferret out persistent opportunists while finding Havana’s best reggaetón, flamenco, jazz and salsa clubs.

A glossary of Cuban slang and a description of the Santería religion – along with a vivid chapter titled “Getting Possessed” – makes Lizra’s humorous travel guide even more compelling. This is one book you won’t want to be without, even if you don’t plan on going anywhere!

from Chen Lizra – BBA

More below the fold:

Bestselling author of “My Seductive Cuba – A unique travel guide” – 2011

Accepted as a Cambridge Who’s Who® member – 2010

Nominated by AusDance NSW and granted by the Australian Gov. – a Distinguished Talent permanent visa– 2010

Woman of the Month – Modern Working Woman Magazine – Feb 2010

Nominated for Women of Distinction, YWCA Vancouver, Canada – 2009

2008 Student Entrepreneur Champion for British Columbia, Canada (Operated by ACE & supported by CIBC)

Member of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO) since 2007

Latidos Productions® Corp.!/MySeductiveCuba
“If your commitment is only in your mind, then you’ll lose it when you encounter a big obstacle. If your commitment is in your heart and your mind, you’ll create the power to break through the toughest obstacles.”

“This is who I am and what I do is the expression of who I am. And all that I have to do is follow who I was meant to be. (Chen Lizra)

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” (George Sheehan)

From Happy Customers:

I am the photographer that took the photo that’s on the cover of My Seductive Cuba.  The book takes a very nice approach since it is a very personal view of Cuba, nurtured by Chen Lizra’s many trips to Cuba. I have never met Chen in person, but after having received a copy of the book yesterday I really recommend you take this book with you on your next Cuba trip, if it will be your first trip or not. Read it on the plane, in the cab, go to a street café, and read it in bed. You will wake-up on your first morning in Cuba not with a feeling of being in an unknown new country. You will wake up in a city that you know already well, as if a good friend of yours with a lot of “Cuba experience” had been travelling with you telling you so much about it. This is what this book does. It is like a good friend revealing secrets about Cuba to you. This friend will be with you when you clear customs, when you need to change money, when you look for places where to dine and (above all!) dance. This friend will be at your side and help you understand the way Cubans talk and behave, how they think and feel. You will not want to leave your hotel room without your new friend. – Sven Creutzmann (Germany, Cuba)

When I got to work.. what a wonderful surprise. A package was waiting and I forgot but I ordered Chen’s book from Amazon. It was like a taste of Cuba and even salted and peppered because I forgot it was coming! I am not a typical reader… Cuba is in my blood.  Cuba is my drug of choice. It makes me happy, it gives me a high but you can also burn and crash if you let it get to you. Get this… last night I got into bed with my book. I could not wait to get into bed; usually I dread it as I do not sleep well. I was in bed savouring each page. I did not want to read too fast because I wanted it to last. I read up to page 86 and then I made myself stop. Ok, ok, so I also skipped to the part about places to go out… I have been to many and I wanted to get Chen’s take on them. I really love the book!! I love that it is filled with stories. It’s such a great read. Chen, I love that you see the “real” Cuba. When I was reading the part on “opportunists” I could not help but cheer you on and say “you go girl!!” to myself! – Marla Whitesman (USA)

I told my colleague and friend about your book, she went and bought it and says she can’t really put it aside. She really likes it. They are going to Cuba in November and are getting very excited with the help of your book – Sandra Sadjac (Canada)

I have just read your book! It’s the coolest travel guide I have ever read, BUT it’s not just an awesome travel book. I could breath the Caribbean air, hear the voices and feel the life. You took me back inside Cuba, and once it’s in you, it never leaves. I recommend My Seductive Cuba with all my nomad heart. You MUST ALL buy it NOW, before it runs out!! – Zvika Eli Sella (Israel)

I bought it today and couldn’t put it down!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so immersed in the book that I even got on the wrong bus to get home – Leanne Soon (Canada)

Being a “gringo” in South Florida, Cuba is a big part of life here. I know many people of Cuban ancestry, and Cuban news is a constant on our local television stations. But I had no idea that reading Chen Lizra’s book “My Seductive Cuba” would provide me such a delightful and enlightening experience. In fact, I feel like I just spent the last week on the streets of Cuba with Chen as I read of her love affair with the country.

Chen’s book is far more than a guide book. It is a personal account of how she fell in love with a charming and seductive country. It offers all the essentials of visiting Cuba whether you decide to go the luxurious hotel route or the far more “raw” approach of a casa particular. This book is a true MUST for anyone planning to travel to Cuba, but also an essential history and analysis of a country like no other. Since Chen is not an American, she gained instant credibility with me when discussing the political situation of Cuba.

I highly recommend “My Seductive Cuba” and commend Chen Lizra on an amazing job done. I now have a new understanding and appreciation of a country that I thought I knew “enough” about, but Chen certainly proved me wrong..  – Michael Pangas (USA)

Even knowing Cuba very well after so many trips there, Chen Lizra offered me to discover more. It’s simply amazing how her vision of this island and its people inspires you and brings you emotions. Original, serious and funny at the same time, a MUST READ. Reading this book is already travelling. I deeply recommend. Candela –

This book has inspired me to return to Cuba and experience a new adventure based on Chen’s beautiful stories and teachings about the rich culture in Cuba. Thank you Chen for sharing your story!
Charmaine Hammond, author of On Toby’s Terms

This is a brilliant, heartfelt travel guide to Cuba–so much more than a regular travel guide because it takes you inside Cuba as if you were there yourself. Chen Lizra brings to life the people, the ceremonies, the history, the culture, in a way that excites your heart and mind to go there.

Carla Rieger, author of The Change Artist