Want to help with a Cuba survey?

Cuba in Toronto got a journalist’s request, maybe readers here will want to help him.

He wants to do a quick survey of people who are familiar with Cuba as visitors, or have lived there…. here’s the email, please respond there if you !
Good Afternoon,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a freelance journalist? here in Toronto. I
need to interview people who have lived in Cuba, or visit family there. It’s
for a travel video series for Huffington? Post and AOL Canada. Interviews
take place this week and only take two minutes of your time.

We ask:
– favourite food
– favorite restaurant
– best activity to do when there
– do you have a secret spot you love

Let us know as soon as possible if you know of a few people that might be
interested? in talking with us. Email me or call my cell anytime:

All the best, and thanks,

*Laird Farquharso?n*