Dancing in the street – Cuban style – Kew Beach Aug 1

Fans who especially love dancing Cuban style often face the challenge of explaining the difference about Cuban style.

Maybe the big thing is street dancing.  You can dance LA style in the street… but it’s born in the studio, transplanted to the street.

Cuban dancing however, was born in the street, and learned everything it knows in the street.  Nothing is more natural to it than dancing informally, not for show but just for fun… among neighbours and on the street.

We do it every Monday (Note the LA style is Thursday evening at the same location).

But this holiday Monday, there’s a special chance.

There’s nothing a bunch of Havana friends like better on a hot summer day, than packing a lunch, a boombox for dancing, and heading 20 minutes to the beach at Santa Maria east of Havana.

And nothing we like better than dancing at Kew beach, 20 minutes east of downtown Toronto.

We’ll be there at Leuty Lifeguard station, near the snack stand Aug 1 from 4 to 9 pm.

Join us for dancing or watching … Check the Youtube video above… that’s the feeling, a recent Monday evening at Spadina and Bloor in downtown Toronto.

Like everything done by Toronto Casino Rueda Practice people, it’s free…

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