Ogguere, Heavyweights, video tune by Chris Butcher

A note from Chris Butcher who many remember as a trombonist in Roberto Linares band.

It’s a song I wrote featuring Ogguere from Havana. Written on the musical common ground between New Orleans and Cuban music. It’s off of The Heavyweights Brass Band debut disc “Don’t Bring Me Down”.

Let me know if you have any questions. He’s going to sing it with us and an Ogguere tune or two September 2nd on the big stage at Harbourfront for our CD release.

While we are thinking of Chris, here’s a video he took with cellphone… that everyone who spends lots of time in front of the stage at Lula Lounge will like… it’s just a cell phone video, but hang in and you will get the vibe… as seen from behind a music stand on the stage… Telmary fronting Roberto Linares, singing Que Equivocado…

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