Ricky Franco, Cuban band – Lula Aug 20

This 13-piece power house group features some of the best salsa musicians in the country, delivering potent salsa descargas with a soulful R&B edge plus a healthy dose of Bachata, Timba, Cumbias and Boleros for your dancing pleasure.

The band has several excellent Cuban musicians, and others.  If you check them out, you will find they have more of the edgy Cuban style than the bland style you may associate with non-Cuban bands.

RICKY FRANCO  Lead Vocals, Director & Guitar LUIS FRANCO  Vocals, Guira (Mexico) LAURA AZAHAR  Vocals, Marracas (El Salvador) PABLOSKI – Lead Guitar, Vocals (Cuba) VINCE ALVARADO  Bongos (Ecuador) JOHAN AGUIRRE- Congas (Peru) CHENDY LEON- Timbales (Cuba) RUDY BOLANOS Bass (El Salvador) DAVID VIRELLES  Piano (Cuba) DANIEL LEON- Trumpet (Cuba) RUFINO MACEIRO- Trumpet (Cuba) MARCUS ALI- Tenor Sax (Trinidad &Tobago) JAIME STAGGER – Trombone (Canada)

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