La rueda te sofoca… Toronto Monday evenings: Rueda de la Calle (+tax)

The Toronto Casino Rueda Practice has kind of spread out this summer… to include dancing in the street.

La rueda te sofoca !

Location: the South-east corner of Spadina and Bloor in Toronto, from 6:30 PM to 9 PM … Monday evenings

We bring the timba … you bring your sabor cubano… and we always have our vacilón.

That is to say… we dance Rueda de Casino, Cuban style… to the best dance music in the world, timba from Cuba … because we can’t get enough of it.

Sounds good?  See you there… no charge (+tax).   If you can dance casino, join in.  If you want to learn casino, ask us!

Now there is a public Facebook page to look at for Rueda de la Calle (+tax), click on the link to see it.  Somehow people from out of town have already found us so they don’t waste a Monday night in a strange town…but now it’s easier with a public page!

Do you wonder what the (+ tax) is?  Ask any immigrant, Cubans included, what’s the phrase you hear most, that tells you you are in Canada?

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