Something for everyone: Caribe Girls at Latin Fever, Cuban food, Jun 25

Link to Youtube video.

The Caribe Girls rocked the house at Lula Lounge last weekend, but many of the usual suspects were missing, up to no good elsewhere.  On the plus side, there were some Cuban faces  “arriba de la bola” who we don’t see turn out very often.

Never mind, everybody messes up sometimes.   You can still have the most glamorous lounge in Toronto … newly renovated Latin Fever… together with the hottest Cuban band we’ve seen in a while in Toronto… Caribe Girls… all together in a package for only:

$15 in advance.

$20 at the Door.

And I just know some ladies who will cheer… when the band drags up the good-looking gents to shake what their papa gave them.  Because the shoe is on the other foot tonight mujeres…

CUBAN FOOD:  The best Cuban food is often the cheapest… if it’s true Cuban home-made style.  How about $10 for the world’s best home-style pork, yucca, moros y cristianos?  Can’t be beat, just buy it when you get to Latin Fever and enjoy!

Yes… Latin Fever offers bottle service for typical prices.

Doors open 10:00 pm.

CARIBE GIRLS performing live… advance tickets here:

  • Latin Fever Nite Club: 905-761-5651
  • Gustito de mi Tierra: 416-749-8777
  • Latino Communication: 416-745-4940
  • Cellular Pro: 416-249-7200
  • Toronto Latino: 416-781-0919

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