Cañabrava, monthly peña – May 20, Palmerston library

The monthly peña of CAÑABRAVA, Hispanic cultural group will be held at the Palmerston Library.  This event is presented in the Spanish language.  The event is organized by Cuban Gélico of Cañasanta.

The library is located at 560 Palmerston Ave. (main intersections Bathurst & Bloor)

The hours of the show are 7PM to 9PM.  Charge is $10.00.

CAÑABRAVA dynamically

promotes literature in all its apexes, theatre, dance, music and fine arts- amongst other creative aspects- via the participation of well-known guests, interviews etc. where the attending public would be protagonists as well…

GUESTS FOR MAY 20, 2011: (click MORE)

LAURA FERNANDEZ (Visual artist, Singer-composer and broadcaster on Jazz FM)
…Get to know the artistic work of this great artiste, singer and host of one of the most listened to radio shows in Toronto: 91.1 Jazz FM.

Creator and director of the Latin American National Narrative Contest “Nuestra Palabra”, and one of the most active Latin American Cultural representatives in Canada. He is a Peruvian writer who will enthral us with a jovial story.

The work of Jesús Maya tells us what it feels like to be the bull’s eye in a game of darts.

The facts which prepare people for immigration and exile are embodied in a reluctant, rash and urban style.

Well-known Latin American Festival of cinema and communication art, announcing its 11th season, will bring a short.

Renowned folkloric dancer, she will present one of her latest productions. Transporting us to other worlds via her dance by interpreting physique emotional state from another perspective.

AND many more surprises!!

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