SÍ CANADA PART 2: Linares Brown special, Cuba and Canada May 21

Roberto Linares Brown’s evening is a perfect example of the way new Canadian musicinas are fusing their musical  traditions with contemporary, populare genres. Working with soul vocalists Samira Abdulle, Carlyn Christian, Simi Obidi and rapper Jamie Iagallo, Linares Brown will highlight the way up and coming Canadian salsa composers are looking beyo

nd their own cultural roots for musical inspiraton.

Trumpet: Alex Borges; Kelvin Barreto
Trombone: Chris Butcher; Yannick Malboeuf
Baritone Sax: Jorge Masa
Congas: Jorge Luis Torres(Papiosco)
Timbal: Jalidan Ruiz.
Bongo: Aris Montenegro
Baby Bass: Roberto Riveron
Singers: Yani Borrell; Alberto Alberto.?Specail guests: Telmary Dias, Jaime Iagallo Rapero, Samira Abdulle, Carlyn
Christian and Simmi Obidi
Piano, Keyboards and musical director: Roberto Linares Brown

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