Non-cuban : Chieftains in town, Celtfest in Havana

The classic Irish traditional music band, the Chieftains, come to Roy Thomson Hall, March 17.  They are fabulous with cross-cultural music, here’s a clip with Carlos Nuñez.  Youtube clip

And… in Havana, the Celtic festival CeltFest comes April 15-24th.

Here’s a clip of some young Canadian East-Coasters… demonstrating the art of Celtic fiddle at last year’s event.

Unfortunately, seems they didn’t bring a dancer.  Like Cuban music, Celtic music simply can’t be really explained without the dancing ;-).

Although,  the resonance they get in the inner patio of O’Farril’s Hotel in Old Havana is obviously special…  You will have to imagine how good it would have sounded with some whackeando en la pista.  Youtube clip.

3 thoughts on “Non-cuban : Chieftains in town, Celtfest in Havana”

  1. IRISH RUMBA ! what a great fusion we could invent one day ! The fabulous of my favourite bands of all times …

  2. @Joyce Corbett Humbert
    Yes, I thought it was a fun show … I’m pretty sure it was summer 2001 they were brought to Harbourfront.

    There are tons of differences between celtic and salsa, and within each, you can see a spectrum between pop vs the authentic. In the case of salsa, I am taking the liberty of calling Cuban the “authentic” style ;-). Salsa Celtica melds the “pop” end of the 2 spectrums.

    Which leaves another opportunity I think:

    … the current Cuban salsa called “timba” involves increasingly fast and complex percussion and piano, that compares to the complexity of the best celtic players. I’d love to see if the top Cuban timba players and the top celtic players work out a combination 😉

    – admin2

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