Si Cuba Festival, NY City, Mar-Jun 2011

Every year, there are regular Cuban culture events in New York, and this year looks like the biggest yet.  They are celebrating Cuba big time in New York City.

“From March to June, fourteen New York institutions convene to celebrate the rich artistic vitality of Cuba, presenting ¡Si Cuba!, a festival showcasing the diversity of Cuban culture from the traditional to the modern. Join us for screenings of award-winning films; lively concerts of son, rumba, hip-hop, and more by musical legends and rising stars; intimate discussions with Cuban writers, musicians, and thinkers; dance performances, from the classical to contemporary; compelling visual art exhibitions; and more as we discover the creative spirit of Cuba in forms both old and new.”

Note that the first artist mentioned by Pepe Lozano is … Toronto’s own… Havana’s native… Telmary Diaz.

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