Pedro Calvo Special guest at Toronto Sat NOV 27 2010 with Los Van Van

A special gift to the Toronto audience only ! Pedro Calvo will be making a special guest appearance with Los Van Van in Toronto Saturday November 27 2010.. This is something extremely special that Okokan decided to do !

Que no me toquen la puerta… el negro está cocinando

Tribute to Pedro Calvo by virtually all the most popular singers of Cuba:

Cuban music is unique in the way it is inseparable from dancing. Many of the best Cuban dance songs are inseparable from one man, a standout singer … Pedro Calvo.

He is the man with the signature white hat and moustache known everywhere in Latin America and beyond… whose image was almost the trademark of Los Van Van for decades. The man who was the biggest Cuban heart-throb since the days of Beny More, whose name could hardly be said by a Cuban woman without a catch in the throat.

On stage this Saturday… in Toronto… with Los Van Van.

See his article in Wikipedia

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