CeltFest Cuba, Apr 15-24, 2011 in Havana

I always thought the two musical islands should have more to say to each other… although it’s tumbao vs reel, rum vs whiskey, session vs. descarga, craic vs morumba ;-).

CeltFest Cuba , the caribbean celebration of music and dance that has migrated from the celtic nations of Europe to the New World takes place in Havana April 15-24 2011. Musicians of the celtic music diaspora are hosted by Galician and Asturian traditional musicians. Galicia and Asturias, the nations now part of Spain, are considered Celtic nations and the music of the gaita (Spanish bagpipe) has been part of the history of Cuba since the island’s colonization.

The Youtube link is at one of the bars on Calle Obispo.  Flickr photos…

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