Casa Maíz presents: Art for Peace in our Americas Nov 5

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Casa Maíz is pleased to invite you to its first annual Arts Festival.

Festival:  “Art for Peace in our Americas”
Friday, November 5th
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Opening Ceremony

Main Sanctuary
7: 30       Welcome
7:35        First Nations Drums                        WhiteTail Cree
7:45        Mayan Opening Ceremony              Lajuj I’Q (Bartolo Alvarez Mayan-Ki-Che Elder)
8:00        Opening Remarks
8:10        New Tradition Music                       Afro-Colombian percussion ensemble.
8:25        Voces Poéticas                               Poetry, Dance & Music with St. Francis Xavier choreography
8:45        Ismailova Dance Theatre
9:00        Florquesta                                       Brazilian music

Saturday, November 6th.

Studio 6

2:00 to 9:00 pm. Project “Ojos del Alma” (Eyes of the Soul) Nacho Cartgena
Arpilleras – Cecilia Salazar
2:00 to 9:00 pm.  Pinceles Latinos – Amparo Torres , Tanya Iraheta and invited painters
Poetry – Ama Luna, Willie Cardona, Raul Moreno Jeréz, and others


2:00 Youth and Children’s activities. Huellas (Hispanic Development Council) Teach to Learn and New Tradition Music.
4:30 New Tradition Music
4:50 Spoken Word artist SPIN

Main Stage – Sanctuary

5:45 pm.   St. Francis Xavier Dance Group
5:55          Macayo Band
6:10          Ballet Folklorico Bolivia Nueva (Dance ensemble)
6:25          Zuviri
6:45          “Las Calaveras de Posada” (Theatrical representation of the Latin American tradition of the Day of the Dead)
7:15          “Ollin” Pre-Hispanic Mexican dance group
7:30          Short Plays by Teatro Libre –English subtitles-
7:50          Nancy White, Marsha Coffey & Ghislain Aucoin
8:10          Verónica Decides to Die (Dance and theatrical adaptation of Pablo Coelho’s novel)
8:25           Llajwas – Traditional Bolivian Dance group.
8:45          Voces del Maíz (Traditional Mayan Marimba Ensemble) and Sanjuaneritas Dance Group.
9:15          Magia Negra – Candombe (Afro-Uruguayan dance and percussion ensemble)
9:30          Tito Medina & Amigos
10:00        Closing remarks

Schedule is subject to change

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