Press release, Septeto Nacional at Lula Nov 5

It’s already on the calendar here, now here’s the press release for Lula Lounge, Small World.

Small World Presents
Friday November 5th
Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piniero
Lula Lounge
1585 Dundas Street West

Doors open 7:00 pm Show 9pm
dinner reservations guarantee best seating call 416 588 0307

$25 advance at / Soundscapes 573 College St. and Bolis Books 872 Bathurst St 416 532 4000

$35.00 at the door — dinner reservations guarantee best seating call 416 588 0307 — dance lesson — music by DJ Billy Bryans

“In my humble opinion, the greatest living real band in the world”
Ry Cooder

“balances antiquity and youth, playing richly voiced arrangements in the traditional catchy rhythms with superior pace and energy.”
The Independant (London)

“Cuban musical pioneers…There’s no antiquarian dust on Septeto Nacional. Its Cuban son, and its rumbas and boleros, are music of transparency, tensile strength and phantom drive”
New York Times

The Septeto Nacional is a genuine Cuban music institution.

Invoking the spirit of Havana from the 1920’s in their music, the Septeto deliver the lush smooth sounds of contemporary Cuba to its audience.

Formed over 80 years ago, Septeteto Nacional are considered the most  important catalyst for the international success of son music.  Bandleader and composer extraordinaire Ignacio Piniero was the first  to add trumpet to the guitars, percussion and voices of previous son  groups, bringing to the music an ever-changing countermelody and  prefiguring salsa’s horn sections.

In 1928, Septeto Nacional were the sensation of the Ibero American  Fair in Sevilla, Spain, introducing the intoxicating new musical  rhythm of son to the European audience. The same thing happened again  at the World Exposition in Chicago in 1933.

Ignacio Piniero compositions such as “Suavecito” and “Échale Salsita”  became standards of the era, and are still considered some the most  popular Latin American songs ever written. (Many people insist that  ‘Echale Salsita’ was the song where the term ‘salsa’ was born)

The Septeto, which has replaced all its musicians through the years —  Piñeiro died in 1969 — have never stopped touring and recording.  Besides performing the Piniero repertoire, the group’s new  compositions have maintained a relevance to the current audience, it’s  CD Poetas del Son was nominated for a Grammy in 2004 (Best Traditional  Tropical Latin Album category).

Since the US government re-opened it’s doors to Cuban musicians in  2009, Septeto Nacional have been filling clubs and concert halls  across the US, gaining rave reviews wherever they perform. Even the  acknowledged expert in son music, Buena Vista Social Club producer Ry  Cooder, was moved to declare that SN were “the greatest living real  band in the world”.

The current Septeto is directed by Eugenio Rodríguez (Raspa) and Frank  Oropesa ´´El Matador´´who are dedicated to keeping the acoustic Rumba  sound, with the same elegance of the dancing ballrooms of the past.

The Septeto Nacional will be presented at the intimate confines of  Lula Lounge, Toronto’s home for famed international Cuban music  artists such as Eliades Ochoa, Adalberto Alvarez and many many others.  Dinner reservations guarantee best seating. Call 416 588 0307

Music is provided by DJ Billy Bryans. Salsa dance class presented by  AfroLatino Dance Company

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