Hilario presents gigantic concert

Hilario Durán wound up his big band show with Manteca, the classic high-water mark among the achievements of New York-Cuban jazz… recalling  the hay day of Chico O’Farrill…  as he has done before.

Last night, the point is made clear though… in a comfortable venue, great sight lines, fabulous sound like the Royal..   that the achievement of Hilario is not less than what was achieved in New York… when the impact of Cuba on the jazz scene rocked the city.

True that the masses of people are usually not looking when great things happen… the media are mostly absent other than the usual steadfast support of CJRT…  but it was a gigantic night of music, and it  proves the maximum that can be achieved with jazz, with swing… and mucho tumbao.  A great leader, and a fine team hit the ball out of the park !

One thought on “Hilario presents gigantic concert”

  1. Yes Yes and Yes to this.. People support the live music that is right here !! Support the promoters who make the effort and risk their finances to bring you great live music with all the greats that wonder among us. I had a wonderful night .Hilario was Great !!! Yaellin and Luis Mario sand like two angels .. Joaquin Hidalgo and Mark Kelso played like a gods.. Jane and Robert Occipinti were amazing and every single musician gave so much..Lovely night

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