Ricky Franco, Lula Sep 11

This 13-piece power house group features some of the best salsa musicians in the country, delivering potent salsa descargas with a soulful R&B edge along with a healthy dose of Bachata, Timba, Cumbias and Boleros for your dancing pleasure.

RICKY FRANCO  Lead Vocals, Director & Guitar LUIS FRANCO  Vocals, Guira (Mexico) LAURA AZAHAR  Vocals, Marracas (El Salvador) PABLOSKI – Lead Guitar, Vocals (Cuba) VINCE ALVARADO  Bongos (Ecuador) JOHAN AGUIRRE- Congas (Peru) CHENDY LEON- Timbales (Cuba) RUDY BOLANOS Bass (El Salvador) DAVID VIRELLES  Piano (Cuba) DANIEL LEON- Trumpet (Cuba) RUFINO MACEIRO- Trumpet (Cuba) MARCUS ALI- Tenor Sax (Trinidad &Tobago) JAIME STAGGER – Trombone (Canada)


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