Angel Fernández (Gélico), artist at York U: Sep 7-17

This Cuban painter and cartoonist is opening his first Canadian exhibit at York University.

Title of the Show:
Irreversible Time

The process of my creation is based on the same principals in which
surrealist art is founded ever since its inception. With my art, in
either of its forms, be it fine art or literary, I strive to convey
the rationalized corrections of the being. I present them in a subtle
manner and with symbolic images to express my emotions as a human being.

Parting from and with influences of great masters such as Wifredo Lam,
Monet, Picasso, Fidelio Ponce de León, Portocarrero, and Fabelo
amongst many others, I attempt to show the abstract figure in a
surrealist mode to express the diverse states of mind, which I can
declare or insinuate with the paintings. With this approach, I
continue with the movement of these precursors where at present they
continue to take form in the society of the Arts. Safeguarding them is
opening a contemporary piece.

The rhetorical image remains sacred and surges yet again. Also, it is
inevitable to not return to fundamentals, with the inspiration of my
creativity, manipulated from the modernist point of view, without
leaving aside the compromised representation and marginal of
interpretative simplicity. With my art, however, time stands still. It
is irreversible. Everything, like essence, returns to conception. A
new yet already spoken language is created though personal and humane,
full of esthetic sensations without communicating an interior world
full of chaos and leaving the door ajar for interpretations.

I outline this fusion, parting from the great masters up to my own
Cuban idiosyncrasy, which form without a doubt my concept of a Latin
American man from a figurative and elemental plane to subjective

Angel Fernández (Gélico)
Self taught, Gélico commenced publishing cartoons at the early age of
17 publishing his work within the principal humoristic publications in
Cuba, his native land and out of the country. At the same time, was
known for his paintings in other spheres. Relocating to Toronto in
1996, he continued to publish his caricatures, illustrations and
paintings in local and worldwide publications.

Gélico’s fine art painting abilities have secured numerous private
commissions and group shows. A few of his pieces have been in high
demand for use as book covers. His work is considered Latin American

He has obtained numerous accolades with each of his artistic
manifestations. Maintaining work as a professional visual and literary
artist in all forms, he currently is the editor of the Latin-American
Arts and Culture e-zine “Cañ”

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