Okokan: Elito Reve, Los Van Van this fall in Toronto

Fall line up for OKOKAN… in the past they have brought the biggest dance bands of Cuba, and this fall is no exception.  This fall, 90% of the history of  modern Cuban dance music will be on stage in Toronto within 2 months.

LOS VAN VAN   Saturday November 27  2010 THE SOUND ACADEMY 11 Polson Street Toronto

No Latin music band has ever been more welcomed in Toronto than Los Van VanOkokan brings them for their sixth visit.  This is the pride and glory of Cuban Music for generations, and the crowd will be packed in… todos bailando, everybody dancing.  Youtube link.


ELITO REVÉ y su CHARANGÓN Friday October 1 2010   at The COURTHOUSE  57 Adelaide street East  Toronto  (limited capacity)

For the first time in Toronto the Revé musical dynasty touches down !   This is the fountain of the Cuban salsa… the band that most of the famous bands come from.  Including Los Van Van: before Juan Formell started Los Van Van, he was a member of its precursor Orquesta Revé.  Everybody danced to Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga, which became the theme song of Cuba’s most successful music TV show of all time, Mi Salsa. The son of Elio, Elito is in charge now… and the band is called el Charangón.  And the hits continue…

Youtube link.

—–Tickets on sale  now!

3 thoughts on “Okokan: Elito Reve, Los Van Van this fall in Toronto”

  1. I traveled all the way from NYC to see Los Van Van, and I am excited to have been able to see them. They were amazing! However, I feel like the VIP ticket was misleading. I expected to get to meet the group after the concert as it was listed on your website, and that didn’t happen. There was no intermission so what chance was there to meet them? They left so quickly, that there was no way to have some time with them. Also, there wasn’t such a long line, so that wasn’t a good sell either. Furthermore, I would suggest more seats in the VIP section, and a better choice of appetizers and at least one complimentary drink. Thanks!

  2. from the promoter ! Unfortunately Chloe, Los Van Van had agreed to spend time in the VIP post concert ( they played for three hours) my husband travelled to Cuba to ensure that this was part of the deal .. ON the day they decided to be superstars and only visit for a few minutes turning even our close friends away from taking a picture .It was definitely not cool. Good luck at SOBS in New York ! re line up we had 2100 peeps last concert in 2006 and this time 1000 in the room .Line ups are unpredictable ..had more people bought tickets like we thought there would have been a longer line up i general section .Coat check was long so VIP avoided that . Hope you still managed to have a good time – I decided to rename them the rollercoaster versus the train for the emotional upheaval we went through . Pedro Calvo was great in the VIP and thank God Leoni Torres was there posing all night long …very humble and gentle and handsome

  3. Thank you for responding Sophie! It was a great concert other than their little superstar fiasco. Oh well. Too bad I missed Leoni Torres…a picture with him would have been way hotter:) Again, thank you and much success!

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