Pastors for Peace in TO: req. for musicians/donations: Mon Jul 5

Note from Murray Fulcher:

We are hosting Pastors for Peace, as they pass through Toronto.  The event will be in Toronto, Monday July 5, 7;30 to 10:30.

The 21st trip to Cuba,against the US  Government’s unfair embargo   This is a fund raiser  to purchase  a school bus  to be shipped to Cuba.

I am asking for cash contributions… or better still, musicians that could  perform that evening.

Link to Youtube Video

The Cuban Consul General will be the honoured guest as well as Luis Barrios, a senior member of Pastors for Peace{IFCO}.  I am asking you to spread the word out… perhaps you may think of someone or a group that you feel would enjoy their participation.  Much thanks, from Murray Fulcher.  Contact him at 416-293-7788.

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