Roberto Linares Brown Orchestra at Lula — Sat Jul 17

Roberto Linares Brown was a catalyst for the creation of Lula Lounge’s popular Havana Norte series which has featured a who’s who of Toronto-based Cuban musicans. Linares Brown has been contributing to the series since 2006 performing original compositions that became the basis of his brilliant 2008 solo release, “Que No Se Pierda La Essencia”. After an extended tour of Europe in 2008, Roberto Linares Bbrown (aka El Seña’) returned to Canada – boasting new compositions and with a renewed desire to take Toronto’s alsa scene to the next level.

RBandleader/arranger/pianist/composer extraordinaire, Roberto Linares Brown presents an all-star line-up of the finest Cuban musicians in the country. $15 Admission includes the dance lesson with Ana Machado at 9pm or book a table for our $49 dinner package.

Green P Parking @ 9 Bonar Place

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